Private Visits

16 01 2007

All right- a little reflection on my visit to SS- not
all that I had hoped for quite honestly.  When I was
preparing to visit St. Chris- I was kind of prepared
to have it disapoint me.  I figured it couldn’t
possibly live up to all the hype, the kids couldn’t
really be that well behaved, they couldn’t be that
advanced academically, the teachers couldn’t be that
great, they couldn’t really feel that free.  However,
I was wrong, on all counts as far as I can tell.  I
was so bowled over by Chris’ that I am ready to move
on to that type of environment.  I want to be in a
place where I feel challenged to do my BEST work.  And
where I can encourage studetns to do the same.  That
was how it felt at Chris’- there was a mood, a vibe I
guess.  The teachers worked with the kids steadily,
they stayed moving, constantly going and punching it
up to the next level, to the next thing.  I didn’t
feel that way today.  The kids were babied, the
teachers were weirdos, the whole place kind of had
this creepy stepford children of the corn thing going
on.  The kids weren’t that smart, the work wasn’t that
incredible, the teaching was lackluster.  They’re
using Saxon for math- which I hate.  And they’re
thrilled about it.  They love the script- which to me
screams lazy.  There weren’t ANY black kids- the most
diversity I saw all day was the ONE Asian student.
Now, Chris’ wasn’t the picture of diversity either,
but it was a little better than that.  Not to mention
that the kids all were just soo uppity.  I have these
huge things with teaching snotty white rich girls.  I
just don’t think I can do it without getting
ridiculous with them.  I love some boys, I can deal
with snotty boys, it’s different.  I don’t know.
Maybe I’m putting all of this on myself in a way that
is unrealistic or unecessary.  However, it was
deffinitly proven to me by the end of the day that I
don’t have any desire to be there.  I would rather
stay where I am than make that kind of switch.  I
guess I feel like if I’m going to make the switch, I
want to go from one extreme to the other.  I’d really
be thrilled to be at Chris’ next year.  I’m trying not
to get myself all worked up or set myself too much on
it, but I would really love it.  I think I have done
the best work I’m going to do for the city already,
It’s time to move on to another aspect of my career,
another challenge.  What I really should be doing is
working on my resume.  I’m out.




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