my workout inspiration

10 01 2007

  This group of kids is slowly killing my spirit.  I just don’t know what to do.  I’m at the point where I wonder if completely shutting off is what I need to do for my own survival.  As far as my spirit goes anyway.  I have this group of terribly apathetic kids, which I can’t handle.  Apathy is specifically the reason that I did not go into high school.  And I understand that they don’t care, I do, I just don’t know what to do about it.  My usual contagious energy isn’t cutting it with these.  I think I might have told you about the book that I’m reading on how to motivate disruptive and deffiant students, maybe not.  Anyway, at the beginning it discusses reason that the group is like that, the diagnosis for my class?  “Toxic Grouping”  That is the actual term in teh book.  And that’s what it is, this lethal combination of attitude, ignorance, apathy and disrespect towards everything but themselves.  And noteven themselves really, since they cheat like motherfuckers.  My stocking had tiny bottles of liqour in it this year.  Santa must be concerned for my well-being too.    In any case, after two and half hours at the gym last night, abs, step class and then kickboxing as well, I went home and drafted an e-mail to the headmaster of the private school that I observed at before Christmas.  I told him after a tremendous amount of thought and consideration, I’d like to express interest in any positions he might have open next year.  He wrote me back within the hour, which was last night- around 8:30- and told me that he didn’t know until March about definite openings, but to please send my resume soon so that he has it on hand.  I don’t have a resume.  Something to work on over the next couple days. All right, the bell is ringing, I’m going to go, we’ll see how it all goes. 




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