new year

2 01 2007

Ahhhh, back to school.  what a glorious break.  Sean was more content than I have seen him in a very long time to do just nothing.  I loved it.  He had all of last week off and we just slept in a lot, watched a lot of movies, had dinner out several times with friends, when to parties, hosted a New Year’s party, it was wonderful.  Daddy’s finally driving back today and tomorrow, we’ll do Christmas with my family tomorrow night. 

The kids have been pretty mellow so far this morning.  We read my favorite Dr. Suess book, My Many Colored Days and then they made an illustration for their day today.  It went really well.  A nice intro back into the routine.  They’re all fairly exhausted, most of them haven’t had to go to bed at any reasonable time in weeks now and are paying for it this morning.  I know it’s true for me too.  The alarm went off this morning and Sean and I must have each hit snooze 3 times.  Neither of us was particularly amped to be back into reality.  I guess that’s how it goes. 

All right, high/low for the winter holiday season-

High- no particular moment; just being able to spend so much time with Sean that was stress-free.  Maybe at midnight on New Years- sparklers, our friends, new year’s kiss and fireworks, I love it so much. 

Low- Grandma being sick and not having Daddy around really bummed me out a lot.  I was worried about how he and grandpa were dealign with it all, knew that they were having such a hard time with it, then worrying about Mom having to have the holiday and her birthday without Daddy here, it was just hard for everyone to feel festive with that all going on. 




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