private? public?

5 12 2006

So after almost three years teaching, I’m finding myself at a point where I just don’t know what to do next.  I Recognize that I need to do smoething more, that I need to continue my education in a specific direction.  I’m just not sure what that direction should be.  I started the Reading specialist program at UVA, but I’ve kind of put that on pause after a couple classes because I just don’t think it was my passion.  I want to get to the Masters + 30 pay as soon as possible, because that’s just smart of course.  Ive found myelf increasingly frustrated with public education in general.  We’ve discussed this all to a point.  With our state standardized testing getting more intense and AYP through No CHild Left Behind getting more intense, I really fear for the place that public education is headed.  Teachers and administrators are under such pressure, there really is this growing trend of teaching only whats on the test, teaching more testing strategies than test infomration, forget Blooms taxonomy, on and on and on. 

So I’v been looking a little bit at private school, just to see what’s going on in that arena thats different.  In fact, I’m going next Tuesday to an all boys school here in the city to observe, just to see what’s going on in that building.  Is it really so much different than what I’m doing here?  So last night, I went to a meeting that I was invited to with about 30 other teachers from the city, all grade levels and levels of experience.  We were there to listen to these two teachers speak about a program that the city is starting through Yale university, yep YALE, to rewrite the curriculum that the city uses.  SO part of me is like, OMG< this is what I bitch and complain about, that the pacing charts, the agendas, the schedule and the information I’m suposed to use to teach sucks, here’s  my chance to have a hand it rewriting it.  However, they aren’t paying any extra, and you aren’t getting any credit for it, I just don’t know.  It sounds like a tremendous amount of work and extra meetings, not to mention several weeks at Yale this summer.  I just don’t know.  However, at the end of the meeting, during which they went on and on about how we have been specially chosen to be there, blah blah, the head of curriculum and instruction for the entire city, I mean, number two to the superintendant basically, came up behind me, put her hands on my shoulders and asked if I was going to Yale this summer.  Now part of me was kind of freaking out.  I mean, she’s incredibly powerful in this system.  What I really wanted to ask her was if she had any idea who I was, where I taught, what grade, etc.  I mean, did she just see that I was kind of excited during the presentation and came over to milk it?  Or does she maybe know more?  I don’t know.  Are they just going to use us all for the work, change it and make it just as horrid as the shit we’re supposed to be doing now? 

We’re doing plays this week, the kids are all performing next Friday, they’re sooo excitd.  I’m going to try to video tape them and put them on our class webpage.  We’ll see if that works out. 




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