so close and yet so far away

1 12 2006

Today’s going to be insane around here.  We have a bunch of stuff going on.  First off, Jim, my co-teacher, my lifeline, my favorite person at school, is going to let the kids shave his head this morning.  OH MY GOD> he’s going to look ridiculous.  We have a big auction every year as a PTA fundraiser.  The parents come in and bid on all kinds of stuff. We get things donated from the community, gift certificates, stuff, the parents donate things, and the teachers donate things.  So I donated a breakfast out with Mrs. Hooker for a  student.  The parents bid on it for their child.  I brought in $75 for that breakfast, I was pretty pleased with myself.  Anyway, Jim, Mr. Morgan, put his hair up for auction.  The highest bidder gets to shave his head on our morning news.  Out of control.  So there’s that. 

We’re also telling the kids about the schedule change today.  I’m so excited.  Things are just going to be so much better.  Jim came over for dinner last night and tehn he and I sat down for several hours just hammering out what were going to be doing and how it;s all going to work.  It’s going to be really good. 

What’s going to be bad is telling one of the other third grade teachers that I went to the principal and requested that one of her students be moved into my room becuase she bullies the little girl.  And he agreed with me and is moving her.  Awesome.  No, seriously, it will be good and I don’t know if I’ll have to tell her or not, I’m assuming he will.  He, being the principal. 

In addition to these things, we have an assembly at some time today.  The local theatre is coming to put on Sleeping Beauty.  However, not one person in the entire building knows when they’re coming.  Really?!?!  I mean, surely, the people from the theatre know when they’re coming, we couldn’t call them?  How are we suposed to be able to plan around something that is so up in the air.  In any case.

I guess that’s just me bitching about my own life.  However, things really are good around here lately.  I can’t believe that Christmas is so soon.  I’m so excited.  We only have two more weeks of school with the kids before two weeks of break.  two loooong weeks…..




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