20 10 2006

Just a quick poem this morning, parent teacher conferences have me running in circles around htis building, something very much akin to the circles I’ve been running in my head as of late. 

Thirds by Mike McGee

Dear, friend…
I smile for you when you are far away
and I hope that the chain of people between us
will carry that message back to you
The next time you see a smile on a stranger’s face
it is from me
sent through dreams
and words I wrote about you
the world will always know what you mean to me
it is a dream I wake up to everyday
A practice I preach to myself
so that the world gets the best you I know

My life is good
but you make it so much better

This life is short
and so are you
and I am a tall order
a hot stack of words
but when you’re ready for seconds
you can always come back for thirds




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