a poem for W

19 10 2006

Current mood: restless

Dedicated to George who was in RVA today. Listen to the poet read it herself here: http://www.andreagibson.org/

Profit by Andrea Gibson

jesus was a revolutionary
a prophethis mother mary
was a goddess still neither could have prophesized
the dark that is now upon us
since the christian right
went wrong now white men drop bombs
in the name of a faith
born from a song of thou shall not kill
left the will of their god unheard
every word ignored in the name of profit while it was their prophet
breaking bread with the poor
walking on bare feet
now they’re talking that path of that god
but they’re walking the path of their greed
preaching do unto others
as you would have them do unto you
but they’ve painted their cross red white
and blew 140,000 japanese people away in one daysee
they will always be their brothers’ keepers
as long as their brothers are rich and white
you only have to look at the facts
death row is black
those cloths on american backs sewn by brown hands
in lands they’ve made theirs for the taking
raping whole cultures
while proclaiming themselves holy
but there are holes in their truth so deep
jesus would weep for his own name
being used and abused like this christian means christ-like
and christ was neither white nor like this neither white nor like your so called christian right
there’s no such thing as a right wing
wings are made for angels
and i’m yet to see a halo on your head
blasphemy defines the things you’ve said quoting scripture amidst your war cry
your belly full and warm
while millions die beneath the weight of your sins
and there are days i’m ashamed
to wear the color of your skin
there are days i’m ashamed
i ever prayed to the same god as you
but really i don’t believe i did
i don’t believe that’s true because christian means christ-like
and christ was not like you
not like this
wasn’t bound to the cross
wearing combat boots and clenched fists tonight the world wails an unbearable suffering
and you are the thorns and nails
how many more will you crucify with your white lies
deeming yourself supreme and above
when your god’s love
is the last thing you’ve ever lived by better cross your heart and hope you die a peaceful death
before jesus comes back
finds his way to NBC and CBS
calls you out on all the peace you’ve been talking
and all the war you’ve been livin now that would be some reality tv
worth watching





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