15 10 2006

Church this morning was really interesting. The pastor spoke on Job and how his friends came after all the crap had hit the fan and tried to blame his sudden misfortunes on his behavior. He talked about how as humans, we are constantly looking for a scapegoat of some sort, someone to blame. Not necessarily even for just the bad things, but that we need for things to be explained away, good or bad. I thought this was really profound, that sometimes there aren’t reasons, things just are as they are. Made me wonder about the things that we blame on this or that, what could come of it if we just accepted it for what it was. Made me think of Daddy when I was growing up who taught us that he didn’t necessarily owe us an explanation for things. Sometimes we just had to accept that he was wiser than we and that he was making the right choice. In any case, he talked some of the war and the choices being made there, brought to mind this poem. Enjoy.

Patience by Terry Jacobus

those who love for god

and those who kill for god

expect to land on the same plane as god

dear god, even if you are nothing

hold me tight tonight

breathe me in a womb and hold me to the light

kiss me like the fool kisses for love

take me the way a soul slides through the peaceful door

lead me in a prayer headed for the open heart

when you are ready you will see us all

one spirit at a time

it may take an eternity

but I’ll be patient

it’s worth the wait.





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