somewhere else?

8 10 2006

I had an ok weekend, kind of lame, I was fighting a fever the whole time and freezing.  Ihate being cold.  We didn’t do anything especially fun, did a bunch of work for school,  watched a couple lame movies, Sean airated(spelling?) the yard and his mom’s, and we washed the car and the truck this afternoon.  Pretty slow.  We did have breakfast with my mom and dad Saturday morning, that was nice.

So I’m seriously in need of another educator’s ear.  Our meeting Friday pissed me off so
bad, just reminded me again that unless you’re doing exactly what they tell you too, you must be an idiot, that or screwing over your kids when it comes time to test.  I don’t know.  I’ve read a lot of articles this weekend that made me really wish I was somewhere else, somewhere where they appreciated innovation, were willing to work with a little creativity.  Whatever.




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