12 09 2006

from a friend…

ok… the rain…

rain is the purest it gets in life.  its a miracle every time it happens so many things have to happen at once and at that moment the sky shows emotion…..  it becomes a feeling…

next time it rains, just rain, not a storm…. stand in it.  spread your arms out and feel.  Don’t think about anything….  raise your chin to the sky and close your eyes… allow yourself a moment to feel truth.  No jacket, no umbrella, no hat… feel it the way the

creator meant for it to feel. 

rainy days make you think about your life… i always sit in my window with nothing but time for thinking.  is my life where it should be?… do i tell the people i love, “i love you” enough?… who do i miss?… who do i wish for?

everyone always rushes to get out of the rain??? what if it was meant to be cherished?  something that happens that little could also be viewed as special!  a book to read, a movie on the couch, a child’s soccer game, a funeral of a loved one, a romantic kiss on the beach……..

rain makes you remember.




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