11 09 2006

What a long weekend.   oh lord, what a weekend.  So Friday night, we went over to Ms. Ayers house, one of the second grade teachers.  There were a bunch of us there, we ordered chinese for dinner, drank some.  good times were had by all.  Then, some of us decided to go to Banditos for 80’s Dance night.  SO much fun.  so we were there until about 1:30.  After that, we all walked over to Liz’s house, one of the kindergarten teachers and hung out there until about 3:30.  Got home at 4, slept until 12:30 Saturday afternoon.

It was so much fun.  Sean danced, got just drunk enough, i loved it.  Sean never dances.  In all the time we’ve beeen together, I’ve begged him to go out dancing with me, he always refuses.  It was a really good time.

Anyway, then saturday we had our end of summer cookout at the Vicenti’s (parents of a student in my class last year) for all the softball people.  we went over about 5 and left around 2 in the morning.  Another good night, drinks with friends.  It’s still a little weird with this crowd because it’s almost all parents from school, parents of kids I have had already or are destined to have in the next three years.  But we always have so much fun.  They don’t seem as old as they are and they say we don’t seem as young as we are.  i think they might be full of shit, but whatever.

Sunday’s agenda was the pool. It was the last day it’s going to be open.  We hung out and did dinner there.    It’s been a really great summer.  i think that might be another contributing factor to my rough first week.  When I found out I wasn’t going to be working this summer, I was freaking out about how bored I would be, how I needed to find something. However, It was so wonderful just doing nothing though, spending hours at the pool, the gym, the library.  It was so relaxed and peaceful.  I really just chilled out all summer drinking and hanging out with friends.  Meeting Daddy for lunch and movies.  Meeting mom so she could shop and feel like we had spent quality time together.   It was a glorious summer.
And now it’s done.




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